I saw a rose today.

Then went blind right away.

Everything turned black and white,

Except the color red.

Voices floated far away,

As if I was at another place.

Heartbeats went against my pace.

Lucky me could still smell to find my way.

But the scent was all over the place.

I was discouraged looking at the color red far away.

If not the thorns, I may touch its face,

wishing I could take care of it for the rest of my days.

But I must forbid this vain thoughts.

On my hands, this beauty will only fade away.

Keeping it, I also keep the sin.

Letting it go, and yet I’m doomed.

Because somewhere in my heart,

I have grown the rose since the first glance.



Fight a little dragon and find a lovely girl.

Pick a mountain flower and put it in her hair.

Tightly hold her hand and take a little walk.

Confess my love to her and ask her to marry me.

Give her a little kiss and give her a shiny ring.

Have a bunch of kids and life is gonna be sweet.

Lying side by side while kids playing hand in hand.

We smiling while birds singing and then fall asleep.

Wake up and find out dragons are not real but a dream.